Barbells and Bullies

We are fundraising for all dogs in need!! 


Hello and welcome to the Barbells and Bullies page!! This logo and page was developed to originally help raise funds for Watson (a 4yr old English Bulldog we adopted and was subsequently diagnosed with cancer)... Now that Watson has had his surgery and is on the mend and we believe he is now cancer free!! We are going to continue to sell Barbells and Bullies merchandise and donate all the profits to dogs in need...

Update 6/19/21
Watson lived out his best life over the last year and a half. Last night he peacefully crossed the rainbow bridge while sleeping.
We are going to do a run on shirts and tanks in Watson memory and donate the proceeds to a Bullie rescue.


Thank you all for your support and generosity!! Please share our page and together we can make a difference...

Some photos by Eva Andrea