Barbells and Bullies

We are fundraising for Watson!! He needs our help to get him fixed up...

Hello everybody! Id like you to meet Watson (aka Hersey) our 4 yr old English bulldog we rescued\adopted on October 12th from the Portsmouth Humane Society. Watson needs our help!!! With any rescue or adoption, you never know what your gonna get and with Watson we knew he needed some medical attention, but just didn’t know how much at the time we adopted him. He was diagnosed at the Humane Society with a prolapsed rectum which I knew that wasn’t what was going on when I 1st meet Watson.

We took a chance and still adopted this awesome Bullie. He is so lovey, clumsy, funny and many other adjectives. We committed ourselves to providing Watson the best life we can when we signed the paperwork… He deserves that and more….

We adopted him on Oct 12th and had him at our vet on Oct 14th.. After a complete exam we felt he had a rectal polyp that needed removal, so we schedule his 1st surgery. That surgery went off without a hitch and Watson recovered quickly. Unfortunately, the report came back that the polyp was carcinoma and we would need to investigate it further.

The good news is Watson had an ultrasound and x-rays done yesterday and his belly and lungs are clear of any suspicious masses. He still needs a colonoscopy to see if there are any more masses further up and then a follow up surgery to removal any newfound masses and the border of the previously removed mass.

So we are looking at 6k more of medical bills to get Watson were he needs to be and give him the best outcome possible.

We are selling Barbells & Bullies merchandise and apparel through our website to help fund Watsons medical expenses. ALL profits from Barbells & Bullies merch will be used for Watson!

IF you would like to just Donate click here!!

Apparel will be printed every 2 weeks and not on demand to help maximize funds available for Watson medical expenses. Everything else will ship within a few days of ordering.

Thank you for your support and help! Please tag yourself and share this post and shop Barbells and Bullies today. Lets give Watson the best possible outcome, so he can beat his cancer and have a long happy life…

Some photos by Eva Andrea